Finding your perfect red



Every girl needs a red lipstick. It’s almost a rite of passage into a makeup wearer’s life. Finding the perfect red lipstick can be challenging and often expensive. So I have come up with a little guide on how to find your perfect red lipstick.

First of all, it helps to know the difference between red lipsticks. Different types of red lipsticks exist such as orange-based red (warm red) and blue/pink based red (cool red). You will need to decide how much of a statement you want to make in your red lips. Skin tone can also play a big part in how different reds look on you. Here is a summarised guide on to what tends to look better on different skin tones.

Very fair skin – Fair skin tends to have cool undertones therefore looks best with a cool red with hints of plum, but make more of a statement with a warm red.

Light skin –  tends to have cool undertones therefore also is most harmonious with a cool red, while a warm red is much more bold.

Bisque – This pink under-toned skin color looks best with a cool red, but can also pull off the warm red.

Beige – This skin color with yellow undertones is most harmonious with a warm red, but can wear a cool red too.

Olive – Warm reds look best on this skin color with green undertones, but as you can see, cool reds look pretty too.

Tawny – Again, warm reds are the way to go for this gorgeous skin tone, but don’t let anyone tell you you can’t wear cool reds too.

Caramel – Cool reds are wearable but warm reds are gorgeous on this skin tone.

Almond – Warm reds are pretty but cool reds are meant for you.

At the end of the day you should try out a few different shades of red and choose which you personally like best and which makes you feel the most confident. But if you have no idea where to start, hopefully this little guide helps!


Facing Foundations



Finding a foundation that is a perfect colour match, has full coverage and is not oily/drying is not as easy as it sounds. In the process of finding your dream foundation you are likely to try a few that may or may not hit the mark and tick all the boxes needed for a perfect foundation. I have tried a lot of different foundation and I have found three that I think tick the most boxes in terms of a perfect foundation.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h – This is a foundation that has secured itself a permanent place in my makeup collection. I don’t have bad skin so on a side note I should mention that this foundation is better for clearer skin. This is because this foundation is lightweight and small to medium coverage. The best thing about this foundation is that is very buildable and there is a large colour range so you are highly likely to find your shade (1 box already ticked) The consistency of this liquid is quite thick but blends out very easily, evening out the skin tone to give a natural ‘no makeup’ look. This foundation will last for ages so although a tad pricey, in my opinion, definitely worth it.

Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation – This foundation is the newest to my collection but definitely deserves its spot in the top three. The staying power of this is amazing – lasting for at least 8 hours with minimal touching up needed. The foundation brightens the complexion of your skin and gives it a natural, healthy looking glow. It is also very easy to apply and will not transfer onto clothes etc. I think the only glitch to this otherwise amazing foundation is the price. I think the price is a little unreasonable because of how much foundation needed to achieve medium coverage. But that being said, if you are in the mood to treat yourself I would recommend trying this out!

Jemma Kidd Light as Air Liquid Foundation – Unfortunately, this foundation has been discontinued. Luckily, I still have a bottle from a while ago and you are still able to buy this online, off amazon or ebay. This foundation is often raved about and here is why: this foundation has amazing staying power lasting for the whole day. This foundation’s name does not lie in that is is incredibly light weight and comfortable on your skin. Wearing this foundation will give you a flawless complexion. It smoothed my pores and blemishes giving me that photoshopped look. I have never broken out from this either which is always a plus.

So those are 3 foundations that I will always love and tick the most of my ‘perfect foundation’ boxes. What are your favourite foundations? Leave a comment below! xx

December Beauty Bag

IMG_5503 IMG_5505 IMG_5506 IMG_5507 IMG_5508IMG_5504


When I heard my self saying ‘Its the first day of December’ I was shocked because although i knew it was coming i didn’t think it would come so fast! But it did and the beginning of a new month means the end of an old one. Goodbye November and hello December! Here is what will be the staple items in my December beauty bag so far..

Foundation is key to a flawless looking face right? If so, then I have found the foundation that will make any makeup look red carpet looking worthy. It is the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in the shade Rose Ivory. This foundation glides on,  looks flawless and has full coverage. There is no SPF which is good for night time pictures but if i wear this during the day then I am sure to apply an SPF moisturiser first.

During the cold month of December we are all in need of a warm cheeky glow, even it is not exactly real. Yes, I am talking blushes. Although my blush collection is rather large I always end up coming back to my holy grail blush which is Mac Blush Peaches this blush gives my skin tone the perfect amount of warmth without any artificial looking shimmer etc.

Moving on to eyes, I think I have found the colour that will get the most use during the month of December. It is Maybelline Colour Tattoo Tough as Toupe I absolutely love the colour tattoos because they glide on beautifully, have a great colour range and do not budge during the day. For smoky eye looks this eyeshadow will be your best friend. The great thing about this is that you can wear the colour alone or with others to create a deeper look.

My mascara of the month has to be Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara This mascara is glamorous and effortlessly beautiful. Its name does not lie because this mascara really will not budge. It makes lashes look thick and is not clumpy at all. This mascara is perfect for false lashes as well.

For lips this month most people will be breaking out the dark, plum, maroon colours. However for some reason most dark lip colours simply do not work on me. I will most likely do a post on the ones that do and I am welcome to suggestions on dark lip colours that suit blue eyes but until then I stick with dark eyes and a subtle lip. For subtle lips my favourite shade is Rimmel Nude Delight. This lipstick is the perfect amount of nude and pink perfect for fair complexions. This is the only nude lipstick I will ever need because it just does such a perfect job.

So although these products will most likely change with all the new products I will get this month (Im talkin’ christmas sales/presents) these products will always be there for me to turn to.

So what is in your December beauty bag? Leave a comment below!

Review – Bobbi Brown Warm Smokey Eye Palette

IMG_5414 IMG_5410 IMG_5405 IMG_5408

One of my recent makeup purchases has been the Bobbi brown warm smokey eye palette. I was going to include this palette in a haul-ish post but then i thought it deserved its own post as it is my new favourite item in my makeup collection. As i checked out the Bobbi brown holiday range i was mesmerised and drawn to the beauty that are the smokey eye palettes. I had a long deliberation as to whether I should get the cool or warm palette but my heart desired the warm one. i have always been a sucker for neutral palettes (naked urban decay for example) so when I saw the warm palette there was no doubt in my mind that is was love at first sight. Let me tell you why:

First of all the colours. The warm toned colours allow a beautiful smokey eye that will complement all types of colouring. Because I have blue eyes I knew that the warm palette colours would create more contrast and make my blue eyes pop! With three shimmery shades and 3 matte, you get the perfect collection of colors for a smokey eye. My personal favourite combination is the bronze colour (second to the left) with the matte brown in the crease. This palette also comes with a handy dual sided brush perfect for smearin’ and blendin’. Here are is a brief description of the colours included in the palette.

From left to right

1. Ivory – this creamy white shade is perfect for highlighting. It looks great in the inner corners of your eye and along the brow bone. Adding a highlighter is essential for a smokey eye because it makes your eyes appear wider and bigger.

2. Antique gold – this colour is what can only be described as the perfect gold shimmery shade. This bronze colour looks gorgeous, complementing all eye colours. Shimmer, but not too much shimmer with the perfect bronzy colour.

3. Blonde – A medium ash sort of colour which is matte. This colour is a match made in heaven for the crease of your eye.

4. Chiffon – this is a pale gold colour with a lot of glitter. Although i am not usually one for shimmery colours, this is going to be perfect for christmas time. Using a damp flat eye shadow brush will make the shimmer really stand out.

5. Golden chocolate – this deep brown shimmery colour is beautiful on its own or in as a deeper colour for the outer corner of your eyes. A must have for a warm smokey eye

6. Last but certainly not least, Espresso – This matte dark brown colour couldn’t be more perfect for lining your eyes with. When it comes to a smokey eye, lining your eyes with eyeshadow gives a softer and warm effect.

So this palette is my new go to palette. Unfortunately, this palette is limited edition meaning you will have to get your hands on it quickly. The lasting power of these eyeshadows are amazing and the colour selection is just perfect. Although very pricey, in my opinion these shadows are worth every penny. So much so, that I am considering giving in and getting the cool palette aswell!

What do you think of the Bobbi Brown holiday palettes? Leave a comment below!

New Things: Mac


Last week I was in desperate need of some retail therapy. So I decided to go a bit crazy at mac. I bought 5 new products/brushes that put a dent in my bank account but was so worth it. After using these products for about a week I thought I would to a first impressions review

Mac Studio Fix NC35- Studio Fix powder foundation is something I always have to have in my makeup collection. I bought a new studio fix because I ran out of my old one. The foundation gives reasonably good coverage and doesn’t make your face feel cakey. This is great if I am in a rush and don’t have time for liquid foundation. Definitely recommend for people looking to invest in a powder foundation.

Mac Blush Harmony – I bought this contouring blush after hearing Tanya Burr rave about it. I have absolutely no regrets from buying this blush, as it is absolutely amazing! If you have fair skin like me and need a good contour, Mac Harmony blush will be your best friend. I have been using it pretty much every day. This blush I would be happy to repurchase as it is now has a permanent spot  in my makeup bag.

Mac Eyeshadow Kid – I bought this eyeshadow because I was in need of a light brown crease colour. Unfortunately this eyeshadow just didn’t do it for me. It is too light for any definition in the crease area and looks bland by itself. Oh well, I guess you can never have too many eyeshadow colours.

I also bought two brushes because they were on sale and i needed new ones. So far they have been really good, as per usual when it comes to mac brushes.

So that was my mini mac haul and I loved 4/5 of my purchases! pretty good outcome if I may say so myself! If you have any ideas or want me to do any specific posts, please leave me a comment below!

A Thing for Pink

IMG_5305When i was sorting through my makeup  collection the other day, I came to a sudden realisation that i like the colour pink. I have a ridiculous amount of pink lip products, and blushes which is to be expected, but my pink hoarding doesn’t stop there! My favourite nail polish at the moment is yes, you guessed it – pink. So i thought why not gather up some of my favourite pink products and do mini reviews.

Strawberry EOS lip balm – I have always been a sucker for egg shaped lipbalms. And by egg shaped lip balms i mean EOS. They are so moisturizing and natural and such fun to apply. I love the strawberry scent it is sweet without being sickly. I often use this lip balm before I start applying my makeup, so when it comes time to do lipstick my lips are not dry.

Nars Blush Orgasm – My first experience with this blush was when I got the laguna/orgasm duo. I used it for years however after I while I broke free from the duo and purchased the blush and bronzer separately. I found that with the duo, I would often get specks of bronzer in the blush vice versa. So orgasm blush. It looks quite intense in the pan but believe me once you put it on the result is incredible. It gives a warm natural glow with a hint of shimmer. Although I do not wear this blush every day, it must have when it comes to blushes!

Revlon Nail Polish – I love the revlon nail polishes. They are easy to apply, never streaky and does not chip easily. I actually prefer these to OPIs! The colour range is amazing and the polish just glides on.

Victoria Secret Body Lotion Sheer Love – Sheer love is all I have for this lotion. Smells amazing, and absorbs easily. Definitely one of my favourite body lotions

Maybelline Mascara One by One – This mascara is really a staple item in my makeup collection. It is always there when I need it and never fails to to its job. This mascara makes my lashes voluminous with zero clumps. Maybelline mascaras will always have a place in my heart (and my makeup collection)

Revlon Lip Butter Strawberry Lush – At first I was not a big fan of lip butters. However due to their immense colour range I bought some and grew to love them. This is one of my favourite colours as it looks really good with blue eyes and pale skin. Lip butters are creamy, moisturising and have pretty good lasting power.



Benefit Skincare Products



For a while now, I have been meaning to try out the raved skincare products from Benefit. When I went in the shop I could not decide what to get. Do I go for a moisturiser, eye cream, a cleanser, I just couldn’t decide. So then when I saw a mini travel pack I thought why not get all of them. So i went ahead and bought the pack with adorable little pottles of different products from Benefits skincare line.

My favourite out of the bunch would definitely have to be the potent eye cream. After using, my eyes feel brighter and hydrated. This eye cream also works great as a primer for under eye concealer. The smell of all of these products are really nice, it reminds me of spring time for some reason.

The foamingly clean facial cleanser it feels nice when you are washing your face however I have noticed that afterwards my skin can feel a bit taught in places.

The refined finish facial polish leaves my skin feeling moisturised, clean and soft and I cant stop stroking my skin after using it. The thing I like best about this product, is that the exfoliating beads are very gentle.

The total moisture facial cream absorbs quickly, is non greasy and seems to do a really good job at hydrating my skin.

The triple performing facial emulsion SPF 15 PA++ is a hydrating and lightweight moisturiser that is perfect for day time. Although it is not a high SPF, this moisturiser provides some sun protection which is always a plus.

So all in all, I am quite impressed with Benefits skin care products. They all have a very nice scent to them and most leave me skin feeling hydrated and soft. I think once I use up these small bottles I will repurchase the Its Potent eye cream and Total moisture facial cream in the regular size. Definitely recommend these products to anyone in need of some hydration for their skin!

Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Stick – Sand Dunes

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 11.02.01 AM

Recently, I went and purchased a Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadow stick in the shade sand dunes. I was told that this was a good colour for people with blue eyes. Lets just say it was love at first use. It is so easy to apply as it just glides on tho the eyelid. Usually I apply this all over my lid then take a darker powder shadow such as ‘smog’ from the urban decay naked palette and apply it in my outer corners to give me a bronzy look. However in the photo above I am only wearing the cream shadow stick. The other thing I love about this eyeshadow, is that is is very buildable. It lasts for ages without budging. I am definitely going to purchase these sticks in some other shades. Bobbi brown, you’ve done it again!

5 Minute Face



When I wake up in the morning, I want to spend as little time getting ready as possible – because less time getting ready means more time in bed. So I have concocted a 5 minute makeup routine that I can quickly do before I leave the house.

FIrst I wash my face using my Bobbi Brown cleanser and apply a high SPF moisturiser (sun protection is essential). After that I apply my Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in the shade Warm Ivory, with my fingers, to conceal the bags I have under my eyes in the morning. I usually don’t bother with foundation day to day so I just apply some of my Mac Skinfinish Natural Powder in the shade Medium. This sets the concealer and gives my skin a tiny bit of coverage where I need it.

I then use a tiny bit of Mac blush in the shade ‘Peaches’ to the apples of my cheeks to brighten my face up.

After this I use my revlon eyebrow pencil to quickly fill in my brows – this pencil is amazing and this step literally takes 30 seconds to do.

I usually do not bother with eyeshadow so I leave that step out. I use my maybelline, master drama eyeliner pencil to add a bit of definition to my eyes. I then put a coat of mascara usually using ‘Benefit – they’re real’.

Finally I quickly slap on some Clinique Chubby stick alternating shades (I usually use Mighty Mimosa)

Although it may seem like a lot of steps, this makeup look is so quick and easy to do using less than 8 products!