5 Minute Face



When I wake up in the morning, I want to spend as little time getting ready as possible – because less time getting ready means more time in bed. So I have concocted a 5 minute makeup routine that I can quickly do before I leave the house.

FIrst I wash my face using my Bobbi Brown cleanser and apply a high SPF moisturiser (sun protection is essential). After that I apply my Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in the shade Warm Ivory, with my fingers, to conceal the bags I have under my eyes in the morning. I usually don’t bother with foundation day to day so I just apply some of my Mac Skinfinish Natural Powder in the shade Medium. This sets the concealer and gives my skin a tiny bit of coverage where I need it.

I then use a tiny bit of Mac blush in the shade ‘Peaches’ to the apples of my cheeks to brighten my face up.

After this I use my revlon eyebrow pencil to quickly fill in my brows – this pencil is amazing and this step literally takes 30 seconds to do.

I usually do not bother with eyeshadow so I leave that step out. I use my maybelline, master drama eyeliner pencil to add a bit of definition to my eyes. I then put a coat of mascara usually using ‘Benefit – they’re real’.

Finally I quickly slap on some Clinique Chubby stick alternating shades (I usually use Mighty Mimosa)

Although it may seem like a lot of steps, this makeup look is so quick and easy to do using less than 8 products!


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