A Thing for Pink

IMG_5305When i was sorting through my makeup  collection the other day, I came to a sudden realisation that i like the colour pink. I have a ridiculous amount of pink lip products, and blushes which is to be expected, but my pink hoarding doesn’t stop there! My favourite nail polish at the moment is yes, you guessed it – pink. So i thought why not gather up some of my favourite pink products and do mini reviews.

Strawberry EOS lip balm – I have always been a sucker for egg shaped lipbalms. And by egg shaped lip balms i mean EOS. They are so moisturizing and natural and such fun to apply. I love the strawberry scent it is sweet without being sickly. I often use this lip balm before I start applying my makeup, so when it comes time to do lipstick my lips are not dry.

Nars Blush Orgasm – My first experience with this blush was when I got the laguna/orgasm duo. I used it for years however after I while I broke free from the duo and purchased the blush and bronzer separately. I found that with the duo, I would often get specks of bronzer in the blush vice versa. So orgasm blush. It looks quite intense in the pan but believe me once you put it on the result is incredible. It gives a warm natural glow with a hint of shimmer. Although I do not wear this blush every day, it must have when it comes to blushes!

Revlon Nail Polish – I love the revlon nail polishes. They are easy to apply, never streaky and does not chip easily. I actually prefer these to OPIs! The colour range is amazing and the polish just glides on.

Victoria Secret Body Lotion Sheer Love – Sheer love is all I have for this lotion. Smells amazing, and absorbs easily. Definitely one of my favourite body lotions

Maybelline Mascara One by One – This mascara is really a staple item in my makeup collection. It is always there when I need it and never fails to to its job. This mascara makes my lashes voluminous with zero clumps. Maybelline mascaras will always have a place in my heart (and my makeup collection)

Revlon Lip Butter Strawberry Lush – At first I was not a big fan of lip butters. However due to their immense colour range I bought some and grew to love them. This is one of my favourite colours as it looks really good with blue eyes and pale skin. Lip butters are creamy, moisturising and have pretty good lasting power.




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