Review – Bobbi Brown Warm Smokey Eye Palette

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One of my recent makeup purchases has been the Bobbi brown warm smokey eye palette. I was going to include this palette in a haul-ish post but then i thought it deserved its own post as it is my new favourite item in my makeup collection. As i checked out the Bobbi brown holiday range i was mesmerised and drawn to the beauty that are the smokey eye palettes. I had a long deliberation as to whether I should get the cool or warm palette but my heart desired the warm one. i have always been a sucker for neutral palettes (naked urban decay for example) so when I saw the warm palette there was no doubt in my mind that is was love at first sight. Let me tell you why:

First of all the colours. The warm toned colours allow a beautiful smokey eye that will complement all types of colouring. Because I have blue eyes I knew that the warm palette colours would create more contrast and make my blue eyes pop! With three shimmery shades and 3 matte, you get the perfect collection of colors for a smokey eye. My personal favourite combination is the bronze colour (second to the left) with the matte brown in the crease. This palette also comes with a handy dual sided brush perfect for smearin’ and blendin’. Here are is a brief description of the colours included in the palette.

From left to right

1. Ivory – this creamy white shade is perfect for highlighting. It looks great in the inner corners of your eye and along the brow bone. Adding a highlighter is essential for a smokey eye because it makes your eyes appear wider and bigger.

2. Antique gold – this colour is what can only be described as the perfect gold shimmery shade. This bronze colour looks gorgeous, complementing all eye colours. Shimmer, but not too much shimmer with the perfect bronzy colour.

3. Blonde – A medium ash sort of colour which is matte. This colour is a match made in heaven for the crease of your eye.

4. Chiffon – this is a pale gold colour with a lot of glitter. Although i am not usually one for shimmery colours, this is going to be perfect for christmas time. Using a damp flat eye shadow brush will make the shimmer really stand out.

5. Golden chocolate – this deep brown shimmery colour is beautiful on its own or in as a deeper colour for the outer corner of your eyes. A must have for a warm smokey eye

6. Last but certainly not least, Espresso – This matte dark brown colour couldn’t be more perfect for lining your eyes with. When it comes to a smokey eye, lining your eyes with eyeshadow gives a softer and warm effect.

So this palette is my new go to palette. Unfortunately, this palette is limited edition meaning you will have to get your hands on it quickly. The lasting power of these eyeshadows are amazing and the colour selection is just perfect. Although very pricey, in my opinion these shadows are worth every penny. So much so, that I am considering giving in and getting the cool palette aswell!

What do you think of the Bobbi Brown holiday palettes? Leave a comment below!


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