December Beauty Bag

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When I heard my self saying ‘Its the first day of December’ I was shocked because although i knew it was coming i didn’t think it would come so fast! But it did and the beginning of a new month means the end of an old one. Goodbye November and hello December! Here is what will be the staple items in my December beauty bag so far..

Foundation is key to a flawless looking face right? If so, then I have found the foundation that will make any makeup look red carpet looking worthy. It is the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in the shade Rose Ivory. This foundation glides on,  looks flawless and has full coverage. There is no SPF which is good for night time pictures but if i wear this during the day then I am sure to apply an SPF moisturiser first.

During the cold month of December we are all in need of a warm cheeky glow, even it is not exactly real. Yes, I am talking blushes. Although my blush collection is rather large I always end up coming back to my holy grail blush which is Mac Blush Peaches this blush gives my skin tone the perfect amount of warmth without any artificial looking shimmer etc.

Moving on to eyes, I think I have found the colour that will get the most use during the month of December. It is Maybelline Colour Tattoo Tough as Toupe I absolutely love the colour tattoos because they glide on beautifully, have a great colour range and do not budge during the day. For smoky eye looks this eyeshadow will be your best friend. The great thing about this is that you can wear the colour alone or with others to create a deeper look.

My mascara of the month has to be Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara This mascara is glamorous and effortlessly beautiful. Its name does not lie because this mascara really will not budge. It makes lashes look thick and is not clumpy at all. This mascara is perfect for false lashes as well.

For lips this month most people will be breaking out the dark, plum, maroon colours. However for some reason most dark lip colours simply do not work on me. I will most likely do a post on the ones that do and I am welcome to suggestions on dark lip colours that suit blue eyes but until then I stick with dark eyes and a subtle lip. For subtle lips my favourite shade is Rimmel Nude Delight. This lipstick is the perfect amount of nude and pink perfect for fair complexions. This is the only nude lipstick I will ever need because it just does such a perfect job.

So although these products will most likely change with all the new products I will get this month (Im talkin’ christmas sales/presents) these products will always be there for me to turn to.

So what is in your December beauty bag? Leave a comment below!


4 thoughts on “December Beauty Bag

  1. Great post, I think a strict use of my Nivea Moisturiser and Maybelline Lipbalm will be in use for most of winter because the wind is so bitter! I’ve been using Collection’s shade 3 Gothic Glam lipstick which is only fairly dark but I love it! Susan x

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