Finding your perfect red



Every girl needs a red lipstick. It’s almost a rite of passage into a makeup wearer’s life. Finding the perfect red lipstick can be challenging and often expensive. So I have come up with a little guide on how to find your perfect red lipstick.

First of all, it helps to know the difference between red lipsticks. Different types of red lipsticks exist such as orange-based red (warm red) and blue/pink based red (cool red). You will need to decide how much of a statement you want to make in your red lips. Skin tone can also play a big part in how different reds look on you. Here is a summarised guide on to what tends to look better on different skin tones.

Very fair skin – Fair skin tends to have cool undertones therefore looks best with a cool red with hints of plum, but make more of a statement with a warm red.

Light skin –  tends to have cool undertones therefore also is most harmonious with a cool red, while a warm red is much more bold.

Bisque – This pink under-toned skin color looks best with a cool red, but can also pull off the warm red.

Beige – This skin color with yellow undertones is most harmonious with a warm red, but can wear a cool red too.

Olive – Warm reds look best on this skin color with green undertones, but as you can see, cool reds look pretty too.

Tawny – Again, warm reds are the way to go for this gorgeous skin tone, but don’t let anyone tell you you can’t wear cool reds too.

Caramel – Cool reds are wearable but warm reds are gorgeous on this skin tone.

Almond – Warm reds are pretty but cool reds are meant for you.

At the end of the day you should try out a few different shades of red and choose which you personally like best and which makes you feel the most confident. But if you have no idea where to start, hopefully this little guide helps!


3 thoughts on “Finding your perfect red

  1. Love your blog! Hope we can follow each other! You know you’re right, every girl wants or need a red lipsticks, I’ve never seen these before! I have now one from Covergirl “Hot Passion” and the Riri Woo and I’m loving it for these season!

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