Review: Bobbi Brown Cleanser


I am constantly switching up my face cleanser. Recently, I ran out of my Laura Mercier cleanser and thought I would try something new. As I was walking down the aisles of beauty heaven I stopped at Bobbi Brown to see the new christmas collection. When I laid eyes on the Bobbi Brown cleanser I thought, why not? Compelled by the clean and sleek packaging I enquired about it to the shop assistant. She said it would be good for my skin type and I always love trying new things, so I bought it. After a week of using it I thought why not write a review about it. So here it is:

This cleanser is made out of natural ingredients. This means there are no artificial colours or fragrances which I really enjoy (because who wants to throw a bunch of chemicals on their face?).

The smell of this cleanser is a natural lavender scent. Usually I am not a big fan of fragranced face products however this is a faint smell that feels very clean. The packaging as I mentioned, is very hygienic and clean looking which in my books is a winner. It also comes with a lot of product in it which means it is good value for the high price.

At first I was reluctant to wash my face when I saw the creamy consistency of the cleanser. At first I thought I had accidentally bought a moisturiser instead of a cleanser – as the texture is creamy with an opaque white colour. After double checking that I was using a cleanser I went forth and washed my face.

The actual cleanser does a very good job at removing makeup and debris from your face. It feels luxurious and creamy on your skin. The only problem is, that it is quite hard to wash off. Also, I definitely recommend using it on a dry face. (Seems weird, I know) but it will do a much better job of cleansing that way.

So all in all, I think this is a really good cleanser. My skin always feels very clean and moisturised after using this product so it definitely does what it claims to do. I have no breakouts and dry patches either. I believe that the search for the perfect cleanser is never over so I would love new suggestions on what to purchase once this is used up!


Favourite Monthly Beauty Products


This month I have been broadening my horizons when it comes to beauty products. I have tried new products and dug up hidden gems I forgot I even had. So here it is: my monthly beauty faves!

1. Daisy Marc Jacobs Perfume – This is a beautiful sweet scent that fills me with memories of summer whenever I spray it. I have had this perfume for ages and get complements every time I wear it. Definitely one of my favourite perfumes!

2. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation – I have only recently become a convert to this foundation. But it was definitely love at first swatch. I found a perfect colour match which instantly drew me in to this beautiful foundation. The soft texture and full coverage of this foundation are benefits that are hard to find. You only need a tiny bit of this foundation because a little goes a long way – which is good because although pricey this foundation will last for a while. This may just be my new holy grail product

3. Mac eyeshadow – all that glitters – This eyeshadow is an old gem I found and repurchased. It has a gorgeous effect and is a match made in heaven for people with blue eyes – like me

4. Mac Peaches Blush- This is a suitable shade for many different skin tones. It gives a natural glow that has been absolutely necessary for the summery weather this month

5. Bobbi Brown Lipsticks – I have been loving bobbi brown lipsticks in general this month. They are creamy, durable and have a wide range of gorgeous colours. My favourite shade in particular this month has been Uber Pink. Love!

6. Benefit Watts Up Highlighter – Last but definitely not least this highlighter has been a must have this month. After hearing raving reviews, I went and picked some up from the benefit counter. I have never really been into highlighters but this has blown me away. This highlighter is really easy to apply with its roll up stick. It is natural and picks up the light creating a beautiful and radiant glow. Looks great in photos and even better in real life. I really suggest this to highlighter beginners because it will not let you down!